Sea Islands Grant to Increase Capacity

SC Camps & Retreat Ministries has a received a $14,000 grant on behalf of Sea Islands Camp & Retreat Center (formerly Rural Mission). This grant comes directly from the United Methodist Camps & Retreat Ministries Association to increase capacity at Sea Islands.

The United Methodist Camps & Retreat Ministries Association (UMCRM) is a nationwide ministry that is committed to the mission of the United Methodist Church and networks to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of camp and retreat ministries. This association plays a major role in the growth of SCCARM and the professional development of our SCCARM staff.

Mid-February, the UMCRM Association secured 2.5 million dollars from an anonymous family foundation to distribute to all United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries in the U.S. We applied for a small portion of this grant and our project to “increase the capacity at Sea Islands Camp & Retreat Ministries” was one of the 86 projects chosen to receive funding.

We will be utilizing this grant to help open the ministry at Sea Islands Camp & Retreat Center. This means that ultimately, we will be able to host and serve our United Methodists and others even better.

We are so thankful for this Association and the ability to work alongside UMCRM to grow our ministry. The UMCRM Association doesn’t cost anything as it has moved to being supported by voluntary donations. SCCARM is proud to support this Association and we would like to extend the invitation to you to support, as well.  If you’d like to read more about the UMCRM Association, feel free to do so via this link.

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