Our Impact

More Than a Job

Summer staffers at Asbury Hills apply looking for a summer job. Many will tell you that the bonds they build with campers are everlasting. Each year, it is so exciting to see campers come back looking for that camp counselor or facilitator that changed their life and made that summer into the best summer of their life.”

Through a Child's Eyes

Working for a summer at Asbury Hills makes an impact on all involved. Counselors always make an impact on campers but many don’t realize how much campers make an impact on counselors. It is through the eyes of a child that our eyes as staffers are opened to see the true love of Jesus Christ.”

Sacred Friendships

A common phrase for summer staff workers is “camp friends are the best friends.” Many Asbury Hills Summer Staff members will quickly tell you they met some of their closest friends while working at Asbury Hills. These types of friendships withstand all things and always remain true. These friendships are built in a place so sacred and surreal that these friendships are sure to last forever.”

Your Gift Changes Lives

Everyone’s gift of service is different and equally valued. Some of the greatest impacts can come from action taken while some are monetary. A small donation towards something like a camper scholarship can change a camper’s life because, thanks to your impact and donation, they are now able to have the summer camp experience.”

For Kids of All Ages

“Retreat groups attend a retreat with the intention of growing as a group. Year after year, retreat groups return to our sites not only as retreat group members but some return as volunteers. They seek to better a place that once grew them spiritually.”

 We strive to carry out our mission and impact all who cross our path!

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