Camp Providence 4th of July Day Camp

Camps & Retreat Ministries worked with Asbury Hills and the Housing Authority of Anderson to bring day camp back to Camp Providence in Anderson, South Carolina!

We have officially wrapped up our first week of day camp at Camp Providence and it was a huge success!

How did we make this happen? Through prayers and support of our Camps & Retreat Ministries family, the Lord provided!

On Monday, July 3rd, 6 counselors from Asbury Hills anxiously awaited our camper from the Anderson Housing Authority.  They arrived at 10am to singing and dancing from the staff and director Peter Owen.  Peter and the staff lead them each morning to the amphitheater where they started the day with singing and devotions.  If you can recall the energizers and songs that filled the air at Asbury Hills then you should have a good idea of what each morning at Camp Providence sounded like.


Campers worked to complete a craft each day.  These crafts included name tags, a group sign, God’s eye, wind chime and a tie dye shirt they wore home on Friday.  With the assistance of their counselors, the campers thoroughly enjoyed craft time!

After crafts, campers had lunch provided and continued the day with activity rotations.  What kinds of activities? Counselors lead them to the neighborhood pool to cool off. Counselors took the time to teach the campers how to do archery and then lead them to the dock for a ride on the pontoon boat.  Older campers even got the chance to take a golf lesson from a local LPGA golfer. If you ask the campers what their favorite activity is, you’d get a wide array of responses simply because they really enjoyed it all!



With over 35 campers throughout the entire week, our staff got to really enjoy the day camp atmosphere while bringing a taste of Asbury Hills and Summer camp to the children of the Anderson Housing Authority.

Did these children enjoy their week?

Just take a look of the smiles on their faces. 


Interested in seeing more?? Stay tuned for a link to our Camp Providence 4th of July Day Camp Video.  You’ll be able to find it linked below.

<<Camp Providence Day Camp Video>>


The United Methodist Advocate Editor, Jessica Brodie spent some time at Camp Providence and wrote a great article really capturing the week.  Be sure to check it out.  Click here to read Jessica’s article.


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